First Entry; Good News for a Change

August 16, 2010

As is normally the case with the first entry on a blog few will take notice of this post. But it is important to me since it is helpful in organizing my own thoughts and articulating a purpose for this blog. I hope to share practical theology and biblical reflections, as this is my training and a passion of mine. But more importantly I hope to share and interact with others concerning the kind of cautious optimism that I walk away with when I study and consider the sacred cannon.

The word gospel is an anglicizing of the Greek word evangelion, which literally means good news. The Hebrew equivalent is the word besorah. In both cases in either the Greek or Hebrew scripture these may be used in the most general sense of a good report or a pleasant tiding. But more specifically these might refer to the “good news of the kingdom” or the “good news of Yeshua the Messiah”, a heralding of a radical transformation of this present world, which is at hand. This “good news” which is often accompanied by signs and wonders, is meant to encourage the hearer even amidst natural disasters, blatant misuses of power, and abhorrent inequalities.

Yet the breviary of bad news that is delivered each day with the morning paper or reported on the evening news might suggest that the “good news” is just an illusion. I am often surprised how even religious people often seem discouraged, dismayed and downright angry. So much writing on the net seems to be geared more toward inciting people and augmenting the already fomenting anger, bifurcating people, pointing fingers and drawing lines in the sand.

I believe there is a better way. We can cultivate a well-developed imagination to see a reality that is greater than our present reality. We can observe in all of life’s permutations reasons to hope and develop purpose beyond ourselves. Most of all we can grow beyond despair and have joy that is the by-product of gratitude. All we need do is look and we will see an abundance of “Good News for a Change.”

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